In Tampa Bay, MOSI reaches 500,000 people a year with the unique blend of fun and learning that's so critical to capturing a child's curiosity and lighting the spark of inspiration toward a career in STEAM -- Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

Yes, MOSI is fun -- but that fun is the gateway to a lifetime of learning that makes our community brighter, economically stronger, and safer -- as we're more ready to take on the unknown challenges of the future.

Please, explore the Community Impact that MOSI makes each and every year, and consider using the links below to donate to MOSI and power a nonprofit in Tampa Bay that's making a difference today, tomorrow, and beyond.

See what community leaders from the Tampa Bay Area have to say about the importance of innovative education, the future of our students and the "Virtual MOSI in Motion" program.

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Corporate Giving

As the corporate world changes and becomes more globally competitive, you need more ways to ensure your employees and prospective employees feel great about where they work. MOSI can make that connection by providing your company with  employee benefits that an individual or family can enjoy.

MOSI’s Employee Benefits Program offers your company a unique and cost-effective way to invest in the future of science education — all while providing substantial benefits to your employees, clients, customers, and partners. Whether it be the unfettered access or family fun days, MOSI has something to offer your employees.

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You can help make a difference

Becoming a MOSI Member not only brings your family a year of hands-on fun for an unbeatable learning experience, it helps make an impact in our community. With the help of our Members, MOSI is able to provide scholarships for kids from low-income families to spend a week at Science Camp; give free training and support for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) educators throughout the Tampa Bay community; and bring our mobile science lab around the state of Florida, educating and inspiring children of all ages. Become a MOSI member today and help make a difference.

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A legacy that keeps on giving

Dr. Gladys Kashdin was a champion of MOSI for nearly four decades. Believing that all science is creative, Gladys taught the people she came in contact with to look carefully and creatively at everyday wonders of nature. An early Board of Directors member, small of stature with indomitable spirit, she assisted with MOSI’s 1977 move to its current Fowler Avenue location and changing its name from the Hillsborough County Museum to the Museum of Science & Industry, as befitting a modern science center.

As the years passed, Gladys created a way to continue making an impact on the organization and community she loved, becoming a charter member of MOSI’s Infinity Circle of legacy and endowment donors. Her legacy and spirit live on through each and every guest who sets foot in the Welcome Center that bears her name and hosts many events and exhibits to inspire the next generation of STEAM professionals.