Homeschool Science Experience Enrichment Days (SEED)

What does it take to make a seed grow? The seed needs water, nutrients and light to grow. Let MOSI help your child grow with our new Homeschool SEED days! SEED Days are monthly enrichment classes for your homeschooler that complement your homeschool curriculum through hands-on explorations of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).

Pre-registration and payment are required at least one week in advance. Late program registration and payments are subject to an additional $5 same day registration fee. Programs have a maximum capacity and may not be available the day of the program. Parents may accompany child in the workshop, or take a break and enjoy MOSI.

Missed the Registration Date? Email to request a late registration.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

MOSI reserves the right to cancel classes that have not met the minimum enrollment. Students will be placed in an alternative class when possible. If MOSI cancels a class, payment will be fully refunded. A 50% credit or refund may be granted for written requests made 13 or fewer days prior to the first day of the homeschool class. No refunds will be granted on or after the first session. All refund requests must be made in writing to

MOSI offers three ways to register:
1. Download the Registration Form and drop the completed forms off at MOSI Box Office (Open 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily)
2. Download the Registration Form and mail the completed forms to: MOSI Homeschool Program 2018-2019, 4801 East Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33617
3. Click the Register Now button below to register online!

SEED Classes for Ages 5 – 7 (1pm - 3pm)

Rocket Mania - October 10, 2018 (Space)

Prepare for lift off as you soar into outer space and test the need for speed! Use air pressure and chemical reactions to launch various models. Visit the Saunders Planetarium to see the night sky!

Construction Craziness! - November 14, 2018 (Engineering)

Kick-start your future as an inventor by experimenting with simple machines to launch marbles down winding tracks. Take part in various build challenges! Can your building survive an earthquake?

Wonderful Weather - December 12, 2018 (Weather)

What is the weather like out there? How does a cloud form? We will immerse ourselves in the wonders of weather including a hot-air balloon launch!

Keep on Movin’! - January 9, 2019 (Physics)

Make things soar, and experiment with different ways to make things move! Experiment with ramps, magnets and gravity, in order to explore the world of Physics!

Mix it Up! – February 13, 2019 (Chemistry)

Experiment with solids, liquids and gases! Create foaming mixtures and solutions by combining common ingredients together to create something new and exciting.

Rockin’ and Rollin’ - March 6, 2019 (Geology)

Be a geologist for the day! Learn about the rock cycle. Discover attributes about the three types of rocks. You will “dig” this class where we will dig for fossils!

Go for the Gold! - April 10, 2019 (Games of Science)

Wrap up the year of MOSI classes with a variety of games and toys from around the world! Make and throw a boomerang, and find out if toys can be played with in space like on Earth.

SEED Classes for Ages 8 – 10 (1pm - 3pm)

Space Force - October 10, 2018 (Space)

You are now a space scientist that has been drafted into MOSI’s secret space lab. We are counting on your knowledge to help develop next level technology. Build rockets from light weight materials that soar. Design vehicles that can land safely on rocky terrain to deliver much needed supplies to colonists on different worlds. Learn how scientists determine what kinds of materials to use when sending probes and other vehicles into space for long distance travel. Participate in a demonstration about orbit and understand what causes it. Design a low cost spacesuit that will protect astronauts from micrometeorites. In order to be successful in this class you must have “The Right Stuff.”

Consider Engineering - November 14, 2018 (Engineering)

Creativity and innovation is at the heart of engineering. Learn how to use these assets while working with others to construct great projects. Create a dam that can withstand an onslaught of water from torrential flooding. Create a house from simple materials that can withstand 100mph winds. Manipulate simple polymers that your group can use to hang and hold one gallon of water. This class is full of engineering challenges. The question is: Are you ready for it?

Is it Hot Enough for You? - December 12, 2018 (Weather)

Living in Florida means warm weather, beautiful sunsets, and Hurricanes! Learn about the atmospheric conditions that can cause severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Understand what high and low pressure actually mean and how it applies to forecasting the weather. Create a rainbow and learn about their actual shape. We don’t get a lot of snow but make your own snowball and discover why it rarely snows in Florida. Experiment with earthquakes and find out what causes dangerous events like tsunamis.

Everything Matters - January 9, 2019 (Physics)

Physics is the study of motion and in this class there will be a lot of items in motion. Construct boats from aluminum foil to learn about Archimedes Principle. Create a fun coaster from pasta and marbles. Build your own catapult and knock down castle walls just like in medieval times. Use ordinary index cards that are able to hold up heavy books.

Creative Chemistry – February 13, 2019 (Chemistry)

The world of chemistry is fascinating. In this class you will experiment with many different areas of this subject. Test cross linking polymers and learn how they are used. Create a plethora of color by using simple elements and testing their interaction with other elements. You are sure to have a great time understanding chemistry in this class.

Go Outside and Play – March 6, 2019 (Environmental Science)

Have you ever heard the expression, “Recycle, Reduce, Reuse”? This class will teach you the science behind sustainable living. Experiment with MOSI’s biodigesters and learn how they turn food waste into methane gas for cooking and liquid fertilizer for plants. Research and use solar panels to power up simple devices and learn why they are most useful after a natural disaster. Learn why microbes are an important tool for sustainable living.

Games of Science – April 10, 2019 (Science Olympics)

Are you smarter than a kid in kindergarten? How are your paper airplane building skills? Can you build a vehicle using a balloon, some tape and a straw? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then this class will allow you to show off your skills. The challenges that you will face will require some science and a bit of engineering in order to accomplish the event. So get ready to use your mental and physical abilities to win it all!

Technology and Engineering Classes for Ages 8 – 12 (3pm - 5pm)

Roots of Robotics – October 10, 2018

From factory work to TV shows and space exploration, robots are everywhere! Use LEGO’s latest EV3 robotics kits to learn about this exciting and growing field. Once you master the basics, the possibilities are endless.

Circuit Craze – November 14, 2018

Ever wonder what makes electronic stuff work? Or how exactly does flipping a switch on the wall cause a ceiling fan or lights to turn on? The answers might shock you! Join us for Circuit Craze, a class where we learn all about electricity and circuitry while working on a fun project that you get to take home!

Programming Basics – December 12, 2018

Have you ever wanted to make your own video game? Well, now you can! Dive right into programming as you create interactive characters that move around the screen and follow your commands!

3..2..1..Blast Off! – January 9, 2019

Learn about the physics behind rocket launches as you put together your very own high-flying rocket. See what makes a rocket stable in flight and discover the excitement of a rocket launch.

Lights, Camera, ACTION! – February 13, 2019

Explore cinematography from a new perspective as we analyze the movie-making process and learn about special effects. You’ll get a chance to direct your own stop motion movie and try out some green screen effects.

High-tech flyers – March 6, 2019

Helicopters, Airplanes, Gliders, Drones . . . What makes them all fly? What can we learn from birds and insects? Put on your thinking cap and design an efficient flying machine. Pilot your way through a computer-simulated flight and test your creations!

Redstone 101 – April 10, 2019

Learn the tips and secrets of working with Redstone to create engineering marvels in Minecraft! Build a castle that heals itself when attacked, construct secret hideout rooms, use Redstone logic to make a billboard, and more!