Homeschool Science Experience Enrichment Days (SEED)

What does it take to make a seed grow? The seed needs water, nutrients and light to grow. Let MOSI help your child grow with our new Homeschool SEED days!

SEED Days are monthly enrichment classes for your homeschooler that complement your homeschool curriculum through hands-on explorations of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).

•   Classes are from 1 – 3 pm; once per month

•   Parents may accompany child in the workshop, or take a break and enjoy MOSI

•   Pre-registration and payment are required at least one week in advance

•   Program fee: $24 per program or $176 for all 8 sessions*

•   MOSI Member: $18 per program or $128 for all 8 sessions*

*  Discount only available if you register for the entire series at once

September 8th OR 10th: Space Inc. (Space & Engineering)

Become the next billionaire thanks to space technology. Create your own aeronautical design firm to accomplish different space - related tasks to win a government contract to colonize the moon and beyond. Collaborate as a team to solve challenges related to your design. The future of planetary exploration is in your hands, go for it!

Last Day to Register: Tuesday, September 1

October 13th OR 15th: All That Matters (Chemistry)

Learn all about atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons, and molecules as you perform fun chemistry experiments. Discover the area of an atom that causes reactions to happen. Experiment with what causes endothermic and exothermic reactions. Chemistry will be all that matters in this fun and exciting class.

Last Day to Register: Tuesday, October 6

November 10th OR 12th: Materials Tech Lab (Materials Science)

Experiment with the science behind many household items that you use every day. Discover the secrets behind certain plastics and make multiple types of plastics. Experiment with materials that are used as bonding agents. Make a movie prop out of sugar. This class will show you the more intricate side of science.

Last Day to Register: Tuesday, November 3

December 8th OR 10th: We Make Things Better (Engineering)

Can you build a house from popsicle sticks that can resist category 3 hurricane winds? Can you build a storage tank for harmful chemicals that can resist flood and wind damage? You are now an engineer, and we need your brain to solve these and other issues. We will see if you are up to the challenge in this class.

Last Day to Register: Tuesday, December 1

January 12th OR 14th: A Real Whodunnit (Forensics)

Someone has stolen money from a company and has hurt a fellow employee in the process. As a forensic analyst, you must study the crime scene and gather clues to take back to the lab to figure out who committed this crime and why. Examine fingerprints, hair samples, soil, and other evidence that you have gathered. At the end of the class present your finding based on the evidence from the crime scene. We are counting on you to solve this mystery.

Last Day to Register: Tuesday, January 5

February 9th OR 11th: Grab Your Umbrella (Weather)

Today will be cool and breezy as we learn about what causes weather on the Earth. rom the water cycle to convective precipitation (thunderstorms) you will learn many amazing facts about the weather. I predict that you will have a good time in this class.

Last Day to Register: Tuesday, February 2

March 9th OR 11th: H2O 101 (The Science of Water)

Water is an amazing substance. Today we will explore the science of water. We will freeze it, heat it, melt it, and may even boil it! This class will also explain why it is important for the human body to drink plenty of it. In this session, you will find out why water is life.

Last Day to Register: Tuesday, March 2

April 13th OR 15th: Don't Throw That Away...I Can Use It! (Recycling/Upcycling)

In this class, we will stuff that people want to throw away and experiment with it. We will use plastic containers to teach about erosion. Use water bottles to create lava lamps. We can take old cardboard boxes and create solar ovens. Let’s give our planet a hand by recycling.

Last Day to Register: Tuesday, April 6

Program Cancellation and Refund Policy

All registrations subject to availability. MOSI reserves the right to combine or cancel classes that have not met the minimum enrollment. Campers or participants will be placed in an alternative class when possible. If MOSI cancels a class, payment will be fully refunded. For special circumstances, a 75% credit or refund will be granted for written requests made 14 or more days before the first day of the camp or program session. A 50% credit or refund will be granted for written requests made 13 or fewer days prior to the first day of the camp or program session. No refunds will be granted on or after the first day of the camp or program session.

All requests must be in writing and sent to: or MOSI Science Camp, 4801 E. Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33617.