MOSI Downtown Feasibility Study

MOSI’s Downtown Feasibility Study found promise for a vibrant, “reinvented” MOSI in Downtown Tampa, concluding that relocating the Museum of Science & Industry to Downtown Tampa would create a vibrant, strong, and future-focused science center that reaches more people and is financially sustainable.

The study found that a new science center would add a beacon of learning in the crucial fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) to Tampa’s business and cultural core, creating new opportunities for a one-of-a-kind learning experience for residents of Hillsborough County and communities across the region.

“This study is the first step in looking at the future of MOSI – not just where it will be located, but how it will become a powerhouse in our region’s education ecosystem. MOSI’s broader plan is to serve as a pillar of prosperity in Tampa Bay by driving real-world learning and fostering life-long wonder,” said MOSI President and CEO, Molly Demeulenaere.


Museum Management Consultants and ConsultEcon conducted the study, analyzing the opportunities for MOSI if the institution relocated to Downtown Tampa. Among their findings:

  • With a Downtown location and “reinvented” exhibits and programs, MOSI’s attendance is projected to rise by 34 percent compared to recent years. The study projects more repeat visits from local residents and annual memberships, as well as growth in tourism revenue.
  • MOSI’s audience would expand to include more young adults, adults attending without children, and seniors.
  • MOSI would add an important, unique element to Downtown Tampa’s cultural core with its proven blend of exciting fun and STEAM learning, contributing to a “critical mass” of institutions that feed collaboration and drive innovation in the community.
  • With a new facility that is appropriately sized for the Tampa Bay market and designed to be energy efficient, MOSI would improve its financial sustainability compared to its current campus, which the study calls “overbuilt.”

Hillsborough County partnered with MOSI to fund the feasibility study. MOSI is a not-for-profit organization guided by a board of directors made up of community leaders. Members of the board reviewed the study and receives a formal presentation from the consultants on April 19, 2016. At that meeting, the board voted to begin the planning process to relocate to a Downtown location.

“The leadership from MOSI’s board members has built MOSI into the important learning institution that it is today. We understand the vital role MOSI plays in Tampa Bay’s future. While there’s no specific timetable in place, we are fully committed to making the right decisions for MOSI and our community as we move toward next steps,” said MOSI Board Chair Mike Schultz, President and CEO of Florida Hospital West Florida Region.


The study focused on the operations, attendance, and year-to-year financial strength of a Downtown science center. The study did not specify or recommend:

  • An exact location for a new science center
  • The features, exhibits, and programs offered at a new science center
  • The exact size of a new science center
  • The cost of a new science center and the funding sources involved

Download and Read the MOSI Downtown Feasibility Study (PDF)