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MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition mixes scientific method with gleeful curiosity, while using interactive technology and a hands-on approach to allow guests to explore the world of science using the same methods as the hosts of Discovery Channel’s Emmy®-nominated series, MythBusters.


The MythBusters Blueprint Room

Decked out to look like the real-life operations room of the MythBusters' iconic set, this first gallery room acts as an “introduction to MythBusting” and showcases more than 60 artifacts salvaged from more than 700 experiments conducted on the series, hand-picked by the MythBusters themselves.


Fans will recognize the 20-foot mechanical shark used in a variety of MythBusting sessions;  the jet pack; Jamie’s tornado shelter; the “buried alive” coffin; the arrow machine gun; the book that took a bullet; the self-explanatory "chicken gun"; and of course, Buster, the MythBusters’ infamous stunt dummy. Among these iconic items, a blueprint book lets you flip through the diagrams of some of the most exciting experiments featured on the show.


To make your introduction complete, co-hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman appear - via video - to give you your first lessons in their brand of experimentation, using the ever-important scientific method, which includes observation; investigation; experimentation; and a final conclusion of “busted,” “plausible” or “confirmed.” As you leave, you’ll be prepped for the in-depth fun and experimentation that will follow.


The MythBusters Workshop

Next up is The Workshop, where the action happens! Here, you’ll engage in real hands-on experiments with real results. Test over a dozen topics expanding upon the myths seen on MythBusters, with a few never-before-seen myths saved specifically for the exhibition.


The Workshop is a free-flowing space, allowing you to choose what to do and when. Each experiment is dependent upon you to ask a question and to find the best way to answer it. Introductory videos for the major experiments, featuring the MythBusters, will help you along the way. And “Warning: Science Content” videos, staring Tory, Kari and Grant, after the major myths will provide a more extensive look at the science behind your experiments.


Live Demonstration Stage

Now that your individual experimentation is complete, you have the opportunity to be a part of a high-energy, group MythBusting session presented by MOSI Interactors. This 10-minute live demonstration allows for a dynamic and fun deep-dive into the scientific method to explore some of the myths associated with human reaction time and momentum.


Don’t be surprised if you are asked to test your reaction time with a hand buzzer or even against a paintball gun. (Yes, we supply the protective gear). Or you may be involved in a collision or two, measuring the force of two moving vehicles colliding, versus one vehicle crashing into a wall.


Some of the major myths you'll get to test:


Airplane on a Conveyor Belt

Can an airplane take off in one direction while sitting on a conveyor belt running in the opposite direction? A hotly contested myth on the show, the MythBusters had to repeat this experiment to silence their critics. Now, it’s your turn to put this myth to the test with a circular conveyor belt and remote-controlled airplane. Click here to learn more.



Big Bad Wolf

Would a Big Bad Wolf - or in this case an air cannon - be incapable of blowing down a house of bricks? Build your own miniature house with materials of three varying densities, then put your structure to the test using the MythBusters’ version of the wolf—a chamber with an air cannon that packs a pretty mean “huff and puff.” Click here to see the science behind Big Bad Wolf.






Running in the Rain

Will you stay drier in a rainstorm by running or walking? Now you and a partner can find out in our 20-foot rain shed with side-by-side lanes: one of you walks to the end, the other one runs. On the other side, compare your degrees of dampness. A blacklight, a fluorescence microscopy filter, and a special rain recipe will make the answer even clearer. Click here to see the science behind Running in the Rain.




Butter Side Up

Does it seem that a dropped piece of toast always lands butter side down? Put it to the toast test: drop foam toast from countertops of various heights, slap it off the table with rotating mechanical hands, or eject it from a toaster to the ground below. Will it land butter-side-up or butter-side-down? Click here to learn more. Click here to see the science behind Butter Side Up.





Blind Driving

Could you drive an obstacle course using only someone else's verbal direction? This video arcade-style experiment will give you and your navigator two minutes to find out. Click here to see the science behind Blind Driving.  




Change Like a Superhero

In an emergency, could you put on superhero gear in the confines of a phone booth? How quickly could you do it? You'll finally know how long it'd take you to save the day. Click here to see the science behind Change Like a Superhero.






Dodge a Bullet

Is what you see on police dramas and action movies even possible? Test your reaction time against this motion sensor. At an unexpected time, a strobe light will “fire,” and time how quickly you’re able to move out of its path. Click here to see the science behind Dodge a Bullet.






Tablecloth Chaos

You've always wanted to do it. Set a table with our (non-breakable) dishes and then try to use Newton’s first law of motion to pull your tablecloth from under the place setting. Are the flowers still standing? Click here to see the science behind Tablecloth Chaos.



Cliff Hanger

How would you stack up as an action hero or stuntman? Hang from a ledge by your fingers and see how long you last. A timer will kick in with the pressure from your body, and you can even test whether changing the depth of the cliff alters your results. Click here to see the science behind Cliff Hanger.




Phone Book Swing

If you interlaced the pages of a phone book, could the friction between them keep you from separating them… with your body weight? Take a seat on the swing hanging from two interlaced phone books and find out. (Keep in mind: on one MythBusters episode, the phone books withstood 8,000 pounds of force!) Click here to see the science behind the Phone Book Swing.








Killer Card Toss

Can an ordinary playing card really be thrown like a dangerous weapon? Attempt to throw a card with enough accuracy and force to stick it in a foam target, while a radar gun clocks your throw. (The world record is noted for handy reference, just in case) Click here to see the science behind a Killer Card Toss.





BONUS - Click here to see the science behind Exploding Farts - and more troubling - why are they flammable?


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