Olustee Longleaf Pine

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Olustee Longleaf Pine

Parent tree location: Olustee, Florida

Distance from MOSI to parent tree: 149 miles


The Battle of Olustee, also known as the Battle of Ocean Pond, was one of the few battles of the American Civil War fought in Florida. On Feb. 20, 1864 Union forces on an expedition into Florida to secure Union enclaves, sever Confederate supply routes, and recruit black soldiers met with a force of 5000 Confederate troops. The battle was a rout for Union forces. A regrettable episode in the aftermath of the battle was the apparent mistreatment of Union black soldiers by the Confederates. Contemporary sources, many from the Confederate side, indicate that a number of black soldiers were killed on the battlefield by roaming bands of southern troops following the close of the fighting. The site of the Battle of Olustee is home to many stands of Longleaf Pine trees.


Did You Know?

The Battle of Olustee was the largest of the Civil War battles fought in Florida. The Civil War saw two small engagements in the vicinity of Tampa known as the Battle of Fort Brooke and The Battle of Tampa.

National Park Service Battle Summary: Fort Brooke

National Park Service Battle Summary: Tampa


Learn more about the Battle of Olustee

Florida State Parks: Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park, Olustee, FL

Olustee Battlefield Reenactment, February in Olustee, FL

Battle of Olustee Information


Pine Flatwoods Garden

The Civil War Battle of Olustee (1864) took place in the pine flatwoods of north Florida. The flatwoods ecosystem once covered most of Florida and still represents over 50% of the natural area in our state. The Flatwoods Garden includes native plants that Civil War soldiers would have trodden upon and pushed their way through as they fought this bloody battle.


Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) - This plant more than any other would have hindered soldiers fighting at Olustee, as the sharp fronds cut their skin and clothes to ribbons and the closely-clustered trunks impeded their way, but it also would have provided valuable cover in an otherwise fairly open landscape. Other plantings in this garden include native shrubs and wildflowers, which vary by season. Click here for more information on plants found in the Pine Flatwoods Garden. 


Olustee Longleaf Pine by Alecia Chen

Bio: I was born in 1996 and started drawing at the age of 7. I am a self-taught artist with several supplementary elective courses in high school. My preferred mediums include graphite, paint (both watercolor and acrylic), and most recently, digital. My works usually revolve around themes of animals, birds in particular, and fantasy creatures.


Statement: Hand-drawn in a digital painting software called Paint Tool SAI and partially edited in Photoshop CS5, the Battle of Olustee is depicted with the respective Union and Confederate flags on either side of the battlefield. The pine forest is drawn is it was in the battle, as are the horses that can be interpreted as wild or escaped war horses. The flags and uniforms indicate the allegiance of each army, and the angles of the flags draw the eye to the center, focusing attention on the battlefield itself rather than any specific side. As the Battle of Olustee took place in a pine forest, pine trees frame the field.





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