Juliette Gordon Low Magnolia

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Juliette Gordon Low Magnolia


Parent tree location: Savannah, Georgia

Distance from MOSI to parent tree: 289 miles


Known affectionately as “Daisy” to her family and close friends, Juliette Gordon Low moved from Savannah to England with her husband. In 1911 she met Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides and quickly took an interest in this project. Returning to the United States, in March of 1912 Mrs. Low established the first two American troops of the Girl Guides in Savannah. A year later, the group was renamed as the Girl Scouts.


Mrs. Low tirelessly raised money and awareness for the group which brought girls of all backgrounds into the out-of-doors, giving them opportunity to learn about nature and develop self-reliance and resourcefulness. She encouraged girls to prepare themselves not only for traditional homemaking roles, but also for possible future roles as professional women, in the arts, sciences and business, and for active citizenship outside the home. Juliette Gordon Low Southern Magnolia grows in Savannah, Georgia, in honor of the women who founded the Girl Scouts.


Did You Know?

The second Girl Scout Troop in the United States was formed in Tampa by Mrs. Jessamine Flowers Link, a friend of Juliette Gordon Lowe. Magnolia Troop 1 was founded in 1913 and was based in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Tampa.


Learn more about Juliette Gordon Low and the Girl Scouts

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, Savannah, GA

Girl Scouts of the USA, National Historic Preservation Center, New York, N.Y.

Girl Scouts of West Central Florida



Rose Garden

When Mrs. Low founded what would become the Girl Scouts in 1912, she created a group that encouraged girls to embrace nature and the great outdoors, a new interest for most girls at the time. Our rose garden celebrates the most classic and beloved of all flowers, which generations of girls have grown up tending in their own gardens. Plants found in the Rose Garden include: Roses - Various rose species that grow well in Florida gardens, Chocolate Mint (Mentha × piperita) - The scent of this mint recalls the perennial favorite Girl Scout cookie, Thin Mints, and Daisies - Various species of Daisy, representing Mrs. Low’s nickname, Daisy.

Click here for more information on plants found in the Rose Garden. 

Artist Statement:  My work in textiles, threads, textures and papers has led me to impressionistic pointillism. It is a joy to capture a scene plein air or to immerse myself in the simple pleasure of creating from my own imagination or from my photographs. That other people enjoy the experience of seeing my work is the highest compliment.


Artist Info: After a successful career as a free-lance calligrapher, commercial letterer and graphics designer, Dori has patiently persisted in creating a variety of fine arts. Her award winning variety of studio works in textiles, acrylic paints, aquaquills and  pen & ink are widely collected in the U.S., Europe, and her native Canada. Her 15 year quest to create plein air in the National Parks of the US and Canada has led to an ever-expanding archive in aquaquills and pen & inks.


Dori Klaaren, info@KlaarenArt.com 



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