FtMatanzas Red Cedar

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Fort Matanzas Red Cedar

Parent tree location: St Augustine, FL 

Distance from MOSI to parent tree: 135 miles


245 French Huguenots were stranded in an inlet just south of the new village of St. Augustine and were massacred among the dunes by Spanish forces led by Menendez in 1565. The inlet was named Matanzas which is the Spanish term for “slaughter”. This incident initiated Spanish control of Florida for some 235 years. Long the site of wooden watchtowers, Ft. Matanzas began construction in 1740 to guard access to this unprotected inlet that could allow pirates or foreign forces to reach the now well established city of St. Augustine. Ft. Matanzas is host to many red cedar trees of over 150 years of age and also boasts a red cedar tree that is over 260 years old.



Did You Know?

In 1565, when St. Augustine was founded by  Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, Queen Elizabeth the First still ruled in England. St. Augustine remains as the oldest existing settlement of Europeans in what is now the United States. The colony of Roanoke was not founded until 20 years after St. Augustine.


Learn more about Ft. Matanzas and the early settlement of Florida

National Park Service: Fort Matanzas National Monument (15 miles south of St. Augustine, FL)

IMLS Florida Memory: Settlement Timeline

State University Libraries of Florida: European Discovery and Settlement in Florida 1492-1821


Settlers Garden

This garden includes plants that were important to early European settlers of Florida (1565 -1900), including both native species and those settlers brought with them to remind them of “home”.  Plantings vary by season and include: Wild Everglades Tomato, Southern Highbush Blueberries, Cocoplum, Bird Peppe, Herbs, Coontie, Native Wildflowers and Cottage Garden Flowers. Click here for more information on plants currently found in the Settler’s Garden. 

Fort Matanzas Red Cedar by Terry Klaaren

From traditional art to the extremely quirky, American born artist Terry KLAAREN draws on a 50-year innovative background as a self-propelled creative. His diverse abilities evolved from cartoonist and magazine illustrator into the world of amusements and movie industries as a scenic artist. In 1993 he built the MOSI Recyclosaurus in the front of this building while simultaneously building a career as an award-winning Fine Art artist, traditional Plein air painter and art workshop teacher.


 Years of painting plein air whenever traveling has quickened his hand and natural abilities. Numerous trips to study in the Museums of Europe and North America, combined with his daily life as a muralist and a non-stop canvas fine artist, has advanced his style of “realistic impressionism.” As an award-winning Plein air artist, Klaaren created "Have Brush - Must Travel" opportunities to clients who collect his on site paintings from his travels. His quest to paint in National Parks here and abroad has led him to specific sites of historical and natural beauty where he sets up his easel and canvas to capture the moment in paint. He is often sponsored as “artistic entertainment” at fundraising events for charities and organizations and is sought after for appearances and commission paintings at weddings, social parties and other special events.


“I paint everyday. I truly enjoy meeting the challenge of creatively translating scenes with paint and other media. I love coaching other people to find and expand on their own personal talent. Being an all-around artist is a role I happily play.” – Terry Klaaren


Terry Klaaren, www.KlaarenArt.com, Tampa, FL  USA, info@KlaarenArt.com 

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