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Andersonville Magnolia

Parent tree location: Andersonville, Georgia

Distance from MOSI to parent tree: 305 miles


Andersonville was the site of the later infamous prison camp known as Fort Sumter. A rectangular stockade made of rough hewn pine logs was constructed and estimated to be able to contain some 10,000 Union prisoners of war. Housing up to 33,000 Union prisoners Andersonville provided no shelter, a single stream of contaminated water, and few supplies of food and medicine. 13,000 Union prisoners died due to malnutrition, disease, and exposure before the prison closed at the end of the war, April 1865. Andersonville became synonymous with the atrocities which both North and South soldiers experienced as prisoners of war.


The Andersonville Southern Magnolias were planted as grave markers for Union prisoners of war. Clara Barton identified bodies at Andersonville Prison after the Civil War, and it is thought that she was responsible for planting these trees.


Did You Know?

Prisoners captured at the Battle of Olustee in north Florida on February 20, 1864 were taken to the Andersonville Georgia prison camp Fort Sumter. Major Archibald Bogle of the 1st North Carolina who commanded many of the black soldiers at the Battle of Olustee was wounded in the battle but survived and was taken to Andersonville with his men. Although Major Bogle was an officer, he was imprisoned with enlisted men at Fort Sumter because he had been in command of a black regiment. Bogle’s wounds were mostly cared for by his men as several of the medical staff at Fort Sumter refused to provide him with medical treatment. 

Battle of Olustee: Major Archibald Bogle, First North Carolina Colored Infantry


Learn more about Andersonville

National Park Service: Andersonville National Historic Site, Andersonville, Ga

Civil War Prisons: Andersonville Prison Records


Memorial Garden

When Union prisoners from the Battle of Olustee in north Florida in 1864 were marched to Andersonville prison, they faced a grim fate: 1 in 4 men who entered the prison camp died there. Our memorial garden contains simple plants to allow reflection on this difficult period of America’s past. Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis) - When Shakespeare’s Ophelia stated, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance”, she was referring to an old custom of throwing rosemary into graves. Our garden is anchored with rosemary bushes, calling to mind those used in memorial ceremonies around the world.  White roses, salvia and lantana are also used to create a mass planting of white and solemn flowers.


Andersonville Magnolia by Terry Klaaren

Klaaren's self-propelled art career evolved from published cartoonist & magazine illustrator to years of experience in the amusement park & movie industries as a scenic sculptor & painter on large-scale projects. His life-long passion for painting in studio and 'On Site' (Plein air) developed his award winning Fine Art style of "realistic impressionism".


As an award-winning Plein air artist, Klaaren created "Have Brush - Must Travel" opportunities to clients who collect his on site paintings from his travels. His quest to paint in National Parks here and abroad has led him to specific sites of historical and natural beauty where he sets up his easel and canvas to capture the moment in paint. His professionally designed murals in residences, businesses, & public buildings include stimulating murals in over 100 schools. Known for his involvement with social & environmental organizations, Klaaren is in demand for his personable appearances at weddings and other social events to capture the moment in paint with "old world charm."


“I paint everyday. I truly enjoy meeting the  challenge of creatively translating scenes with paint and other media. I love coaching other people to find and expand on their own personal talent. Being an all-around artist is a role I happily play.” – Terry Klaaren


Terry Klaaren,, Tampa, FL  USA,  


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