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Water Wise Butterflies:
Using Water Wise and Native Plants in Your Butterfly Garden

Florida is the “land of flowers”. With plenty of clean water and a healthy environment, Florida’s native flowers thrive. These wildflowers are the favorite food source for Florida’s many brilliant butterflies.

A large and healthy butterfly population depends on a healthy environment. Butterflies are environmental indicators. In a sick or overworked environment, butterflies don’t grow strong and fewer survive. Their smaller numbers signal that something is wrong in the natural world around them. In the worst situations, butterfly populations can drop so low that they become endangered species.

Why is a healthy butterfly population important?
Butterflies are more than just pretty bugs, They play a vital role in Florida’s food chain. Feeding butterflies carry pollen from one plant to another, helping these plants to reproduce. Like other insects, butterflies are also a favorite food for many of the lizards, frogs, birds, and other small animals that live in Florida.

Why are butterflies water wise?
Butterflies love a Florida Friendly garden filled with Florida's many flowering native plants. These plants grow naturally in Florida and are well suited to survive in our unique climate. They thrive with less water, less fertilizer and fewer pesticides than non-native plants.

How can you help?
Planting a Florida friendly garden is a great way to build a strong, healthy environment for the butterflies, for other Florida wildlife, and for us. Florida friendly gardens conserve Florida’s limited water resources because they use less water. Native plants help restore natural habitats that have been depleted by development or overcrowded by non-native species. They also require fewer chemicals that might contaminate the water supply, harming the plants, animals and the people that are part of the local ecosystem.

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