Slippery Science

The tentacles of the giant Arctic Jellyfish can reach 120 feet in length.

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What is Kids In Charge?


Kids In Charge! The Children's Science Center at MOSI is a uniquely designed space for children twelve and under.


Based on cutting-edge theories about learning and skill building, Kids In Charge! emphasizes the value of learning through play by bringing together science, creative thinking and inspire the imagination.  With a total size of 40,000 square feet, including 25,000 square feet of exhibit space, Kids In Charge! is the largest children’s science center in the country.


Main Exhibit Areas



Our new exhibition, Slippery Science, is located inside Kids In Charge!, MOSI’s children’s science center, and contains multiple new exhibits that incorporate elements of the Tampa Bay Times Forum and Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team as a backdrop. Slippery Science includes a series of interactive exhibits that teach friction, physics, the science behind reaction time and more. Inside the exhibit, guests will be able to play games, see what’s inside the hockey protection of a player’s uniform and even ham it up on the JumboTron.  Click here to learn more!


Mission: Moonbase

Mission: Moonbase is a simulated permanent lunar base in the year 2070. The premise is that it is built near the south pole of the Moon where there is believed to be large reservoirs of frozen water reasonably available within the rocks, and where some highlands can experience long periods of sunlight. Moonbase is the operations center of a larger operation that also includes food production (farming) and mining facilities.



An impressive space of motion and physical activity, Activate! lets visitors experiment with weighted wheels, gravity, and momentum, and encourages observation and experimentation.


The key concept of Investigate! is focused, thinking-based experiments that both challenge and build skills of observation, logic, analysis, and imagination.

Kids Create!

The main focus of Kids Create! is to provide guests an environment where they can apply knowledge, skill, and creativity to the process of “making”. Working in teams, kids design and build various objects throughout Kids Create!

Fields to Meals

Designed for children of seven years and under, the focus of Fields to Meals is the development of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, balance, coordination, classification, and movement. In this area, children learn about the food chain – from the field to the table.

Astronaut Training Adventure!

Located in Kids In Charge! The Children's Science Center
Blast into the new Inflata-Space Academy located in Kids In Charge! and challenge yourself to physical activities as a future space explorer. Experience the thrill of bouncing in a moon walk, challenging others in the alien world obstacle course, racing down a slide, or wearing a Velcro suit as you launch through the air! Height and weight restrictions apply.

Purchase a full day of play for $5 (with paid MOSI admission)

Level One Cadet (height 36” to 42”) – Moon Walk

Level Two Cadet (height 42” to 48”) – Moon Walk, Alien World Obstacle Course, EVAC Slide

Level Three Cadet (height 48” to 52”) – Moon Walk, Alien World Obstacle Course, EVAC Slide and EVA Jump

Level Four Cadet (height 52” to 72”) – Alien World Obstacle Course, EVAC Slide and EVA Jump




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