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Your nose and ears continue growing throughout your entire life.

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The second and final Phase of The Amazing You Now Open!



This state-of-the-art, informative, educational, and interactive exhibition, will give guests the opportunity to explore the intricate world of each human developmental life stage.


The Amazing You takes guests on a journey through the stages of life from birth to end of life. Within the exhibition, guests will explore what’s amazing about each developmental life stage and learn what it takes to stay healthy at each stage and how to return to wellness after an illness, surgery or a disability. Guests will also learn about medical conditions and diseases which are most prevalent during each specific developmental stage of life.


The young adult stage addresses issues such as how stress affects your life, relaxation, life expectancy, the science behind headaches and migraines, diabetes and smoking and health.


The middle adult stage covers the science of laughter, cardiology and heart issues, the importance of health screenings, back pain, cancer, and mid life changes.


The older adult stage explores sleep issues, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s and keeping your brain healthy, strokes, eye care, artificial joints and other issues that affect individuals at this stage of life.


The end of life stage explores various causes of death, what happens when you die, the stages of dying, cultural death rituals and the grieving and healing process. 

Also on the third floor... 


Don't forget to try out the High-Wire Bicylce!

Pedal a bicycle balanced on a 1-inch steel cable, suspended 30 feet above the ground! The longest high wire bike in a U.S. museum. Guests will be harnessed into the bike and can ride across a 98-foot-long cable suspended 30 feet above the ground.

As death defying as this may sound, it's actually quite safe as the bike is counterweighted. However, a safety net is placed below the ride to set riders' minds at ease. As MOSI's InterActors will explain, the laws of physics make it impossible to fall off.

Are you ready for the challenge?




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