Outreach Programs – Mobile Science Lab

Mobile Science Lab- MOSI IN MOTION

MOSI In Motion brings the excitement of a field trip to your location! Be immersed in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) with dynamic, 45-minute sessions tailored to the age range listed.

Breaking it Down | Ages 5 - 13

Have you ever wondered how the body receives energy from the food that your eat? Follow your food’s fantastic voyage through the digestive process and discover just how important that peanut butter and jelly sandwich really is! From the enzymes in saliva to the powerful acid found in your stom
ach, learn how your body breaks down food and obtains nutrients through hands-on experimentation and simulation. Young learners will have fun getting their hands dirty as they mix, churn, and absorb different materials just as their bodies would.

Potions in Motion | Ages 5 - 13

Take matters into your own hands and explore the world around you through chemistry! Mix, smash, and stir ingredients to create dazzling, fizzing, and bubbling effects. Try experiments involving density; states of matter; acids, bases, and salts; oxidation-reductions; and more! Grab your safety goggles and set your inner mad scientist free!

Rocky Road | Ages 5 - 13

Ease on down the Rocky Road and get your hands dirty studying fossils, rocks, minerals, and land formations! Test the characteristics of minerals, recreate the layers of the earth, and more as you dig deep into geology and discover how
much our Earth rocks!

Robot Round-Up | Ages 8 - 13

Feel the thrill of victory as young learners perform amazing feats in this exploration of robotics and engineering! Investigate the forces behind machines to construct robots and program them to solve team-based racing and maze challenges. Experience science with new ideas in future technologies.

What does MOSI in Motion include?

  • One subject per day with up to five 45-minute sessions
  • Up to 30 participants per session
  • All hands-on materials needed for the program
  • Enthusiastic, experienced science and technology educators who are Lunsford certified

MOSI In Motion Registration Information

  • Program Fees: Up to five 45-minute sessions for $750 per day. Additional sessions can be added at $100 per session.
  • Reservation requires $50 deposit.
  • Travel fees apply for sites more than 30 miles roundtrip from MOSI (mileage and overnight fees when applicable).
  • Reservation and full payment required at least two weeks before the desired program date.