Mini Science Adventure Days – Ages 3-5

Class times: Tuesday or Thursday from 2:00 - 3:30 p.m

Pour mix and measure with new friends as you make predictions, test for results, and share your findings with your classmates.

Parent must accompany child in the workshop.
Pre-registration and payment are required at least two weeks in advance
Program fee: $16 per program or $136 for the full year
MOSI member: $12 per program or $102 for the full year.
Full year includes 10 classes over 10 months. Choose one date per monthly topic.

To register, click here

A-Mazing Magnets (March 28 or 30)

Bird Basics (September 20 or 22)

Color Me Crazy (January 24 or 26)

Fairy Tale Science (February 21 or 23) 

Growth Spurt (April 25 or27)

Motion Commotion (December 13 or 15)

Rockin' Around (May 23 or 25)

Space Pioneers (October 25 or 27)

Water Explorations (November 15 or 17)