School and Youth Group Programs – Preschool


MOSI offers educators content-driven field studies that are fun, hands-on
learning opportunities for students. Educational programs, IMAX films, and
interactive exhibits are just some of the ways MOSI engages interest, curiosity
and a sense of fun in students.

Up, Up, and Away

Hands-On Discovery Program
Capacity 30  |  45 minutes
Explore the world of space travel through the eyes of an astronaut. Learn the parts of a rocket
and then blast rockets up into the air. Finish your journey with a taste of astronaut ice cream.

Kids Chemistry

Hands-On Discovery Program
Capacity 30  | Ÿ 45 minutes
Examine the states of matter – solids, liquids, and gases. Mix common household items to
explore physical and chemical changes. Play with mysterious ooze that you create.

Android Inventors

Technology Program
Capacity 30  | Ÿ 45 minutes
Be the problem solvers of tomorrow! Build and code a dynamic science rover that follows
your command. Explore different ways scientists and engineers reach remote places using
robots. Investigate how sensors work with hands-on and minds-on experimentation.


Coleman Science Works Theater Program
Capacity 100  | Ÿ 45 minutes
Watch a MOSI scientist use the power of the elements to show off their latest and most
spectacular creations. See the scientist shoot bolts of lightning, send giant fireballs into the
air, and freeze objects instantly with incredible results. Watch them use their powers to
launch items and shrink objects to almost nothing. Reserve this engaging show and find out
about the power of science!



Let us come to you! Outreach programs bring MOSI to your classroom so your
students can experience the wonder and excitement of Science, Technology,
Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) through hands-on activities.

STEAM for Sprouts

Sense-ational Art

Hands-On Discovery Program
Capacity 20  | Ÿ 30 minutes
Have fun mixing colors, exploring textures and sounds, and identifying flavors and fragrances
in this super sensory experience. Music, art, and science combine in this sense-ational

Butterfly Bonanza

Hands-On Discovery Program
Capacity 20  | Ÿ 30 minutes
Are butterflies the coolest insects around? Find out in this fun program where students
explore the life cycle of a butterfly, try drinking nectar from a flower, and observe specimens
from the MOSI Butterfly Garden.

Motion Commotion

Hands-On Discovery Program
Capacity 20  | Ÿ 30 minutes
Learn how things move in this action-packed class where junior rocket scientists explore
gravity and energy. These hands-on experiments will get them moving, thinking, and

Science Assembly Show

MOSI Marine Gang

Interactive Stage Show
Capacity 150 per show  | Ÿ 45 minutes
Join the Captain and explore the wetlands at your school. Meet some of his friends like Sally
the Shrimp and Polly the Pelican as they share how pollution can affect us all. Get tips on how
to be a friend to the environment and help Drats the Pollution Monster change his ways. Your
kids will learn to love the wetlands and the animals that make our estuaries their home.


*MOSI Exhibits

MOSI Exhibits include: the BioWorks Butterfly Garden, High Wire Bike, Gulf Coast
Hurricane Simulator, and Kids In Charge!, a hands-on science center designed to engage and
inspire your students. Live science shows featuring our STEAMpunks generating random acts
of science occur daily. Add an educational program to create an unforgettable experience!

Chaperone Requirements for Onsite Programs

1 adult for every 5 students

Adults accompanying the group beyond the required number of chaperones pay adult rate.

For more information about booking an educational program or creating a
customized program at MOSI, please contact the Education Sales Team:

Jeannette Ethier                                                       Jim Ryan                  
813-987-6320                                                        813-987-6330