School and Youth Group Programs – High School


MOSI offers educators content-driven field studies that are fun, interactive learning
opportunities for students. Educational programs, IMAX films, and interactive
exhibits are just some of the ways MOSI engages interest, curiosity and a sense of
fun in students. Let MOSI be an extension of your classroom in meeting Common
Core and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards in STEAM.

CSI Tampa

Capacity 30 | Ÿ 45 minutes
Challenge you students to solve a simulated crime using a variety of techniques used by forensic
scientists in the DEA and FBI labs. Students analyze evidence, such as hair and blood samples,
and use chemistry to identify unknown substances to solve a simulated crime. Go behind the
scenes of this fascinating application of science and technology. SC.N; SC.L

Kinetic Art

Capacity 30 | Ÿ 45 minutes
Experience the action of poetry in motion as students master the mechanics of movement by
building a Rube Goldberg-style machine. Teams work together to build a complex machine
using pulleys, cranks, gears, marbles, and other engineering contraptions. Combining
fundamental forces with creative invention, students will experience the pride of building a wild
moving chain reaction. SC.E; SC.N; SC.P

Robot Engineers

Physics and Technology
Capacity 30 | Ÿ 45 minutes
Take on the role of a NASA engineer to build and design a Mars rover. Use imagination and
problem-solving skills to guide robots across various terrains to collect samples. Discover
amazing places in our solar system while exploring the field of robotics. SC.N; SC.E; SC.P; MA.G;

Vital Signs

Dissection Lab
Capacity 30 | Ÿ 45 minutes
Dissect a sheep’s heart, lungs, and trachea to understand how they work. Learn to measure
blood pressure and listen to the sounds of your heart in this exploration of respiratory and
circulatory physiology. Additional lab fee applies. SC.L; HE.C; HE.B; HE.P

Rapid Prototyping

Idea Zone® Lab
Capacity 30 | Ÿ 45 minutes
Inspire your students in this exciting workshop that illustrates how design thinking is used to
create new products. Students are challenged to work together in small teams to build and test
working, one-of-a-kind video game controllers using prototyping materials in imaginative ways.
Students will also experience the use of 3D printers, CNC machines, and laser cutters to
transform ideas into inventions in the digital fabrication lab. Groups have exclusive use of Idea
Zone® during this opportunity to discover the prototyping process in action. Additional lab fee
applies. SC.N; SC.E; MA.S; SS.E; SS.G


Coleman Science Works Theater Program
Capacity 100 | Ÿ 45 minutes
Watch a MOSI scientist use the power of the elements to show off their latest and most
spectacular creaions. See the scientist shoot bolts of lightning, send giant fireballs into the air,
and freeze objectst instantly with incredible results. Watch them use their powers to launch items
and shrink objects to almost nothing. Reserve this engaging show and find out about the power
of science! SC.P

Asteroids, Comets, and Meteorites (New Program!)

Coleman Science Works Theater Program
Capacity 60 | Ÿ 45 minutes
What are asteroids, comets, and meteorites? How are impact craters formed? Did an extinction
event from an asteroid kill the dinosaurs? This hands-on program is centered on the space rocks,
specifically Near Earth Asteroids, still lingering in the Solar System. Students will learn to make
their own impact crater; touch real meteorites from the Moon, Mars, and asteroid Vesta; and
watch a MOSI educator make a comet! SC.E

Mission: Moonbase

Capacity 28 | Ÿ 45 minutes
Virtual screens fill the windows and computers offer creative challenges as students are
immersed in life in a lunar colony. Your students will work together in hands-on zones as they
discover primary topics of off-world habitation. C.5.E


Let us come to you! Outreach programs bring MOSI to your classroom so your
students can experience the wonder and excitement of Science, Technology,
Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) through hands-on activities.

Field Expedition

Cave Exploring

4 hours
Immerse yourself in peculiar karst topography by journeying through mysterious underground
worlds where water has carved out surreal limestone caverns. Search for stalactites, stalagmites,
prehistoric invertebrate fossils, and living creatures while exploring cave chambers. Spelunk your
way to fun and excitement as you discover the spectacular geological wonders of Florida’s vast
caves. SC.E; SC.L

Space Programs

Telescopes to Go

See Program Fees on page 7 for capacity
2 hours
Have an out-of-this-world field trip right at your school. Explore the wonders of the universe and
the nighttime sky through telescopes. Have record attendance at your next PTO or PTA event, or
school family night. Imagine a program that excites your parents as much as your students. MOSI
astronomers will deliver, set up, and operate telescopes for a special SkyWatch at YOUR location.



*MOSI Exhibits

MOSI Exhibits include: the brand new Connectus, a hands-on exhibit exploring new innovations
of the future, the BioWorks Butterfly Garden, High Wire Bicycle, Gulf Coast Hurricane Simulator,
and Kids in Charge!, a hands-on science center designed to engage and inspire your students.
Live science shows featuring our STEAMpunks generating random acts of science occur daily.
Add an educational program to create an unforgettable experience!

Chaperone Requirements for Onsite Programs

1 adult for every 10 students

Adults accompanying the group beyond the required number of chaperones pay adult rate.

For more information about booking an educational program or creating a
customized program at MOSI, please contact the Education Sales Team:
Jeannette Ethier                                                             Jim Ryan                      
813-987-6320                                                            813-987-6330