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It is a custom with Ham radio operators to acknowledge a conversation with another station by exchanging a post card, called a QSL card.

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Volunteers to the Ham radio station must hold a valid FCC amateur radio license, be over 18 and be accepted as a MOSI volunteer. Volunteers are asked to one shift a week, such as Wednesday morning or Tuesday afternoon. They are also asked to belong to the MOSI Amateur Radio Club which is comprised of volunteers to MOSI. To sign up, send an email to  or visit the MOSI Volunteer office on the first floor.  For more information on the Ham radio station visit their official website by clicking here.


Facts About MOSI's Amateur Radio Station


    • When you enter the exhibit in Disasterville, the first computer station is where we monitor the International Space Station (ISS). It shows its location over earth, using an internet connection directly to the NASA website. All American astronauts are licensed amateur radio operators (or ham radio operators). The ISS has amateur radio equipment on it for astronauts to communicate with other hams and schools worldwide.


    • The MOSI station has both AM and FM radios. Our main shortwave (high frequency or HF) radio is an Icom 756 PRO II for long distance communications to other states and countries. We have three long distance antennas on the roof at MOSI.
    • Our FM station is used for short range communications, such as club activities and emergency contacts with the Red Cross, Sheriff’s Department, shelters and others as needed before, during and after a disaster.
    • An amateur radio repeater is an electronic device that receives a weak or low-level amateur radio signal, and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power, so the signal can cover longer distances.  MOSI has a UHF (ultra high frequency) repeater which operates on a frequency of 443.300 MHz, with an activation PL tone of 146.2 Hz. This repeater has excellent coverage due in part to the location of the MOSI building, and the antenna on the roof at an elevation of approximately 40’. This repeater can reach all corners of Hillsborough County for emergency communications.


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