The Florida Hospital IMAX® DOME Theatre


Today's robots are nothing short of astonishing. Those coming in the not-too-distant future are simply revolutionary — and they are becoming eerily like us. What does it take to make a humanoid robot — a robot that can do anything we can do without the benefit of a human brain? ROBOTS is a sneak peek into the future at what might be possible as scientists use innovative engineering and design to make cyber characters less "humanoid" and more just plain human. Robot "actor" RoboThespian will introduce you to CHIMP, ATLAS, PR-2, Herb the Butler, ICUB, and others as he takes you on an amazing tour of what's going on in robotics labs around the world.

Wild Africa

Go on a spectacular IMAX® ride across, over, and through the most dramatic continent on Earth: Africa. Discover the fascinating secrets of this enchanted continent: learn how spectacular thermal geysers help turn thousands of flamingos pink, creating the perfect conditions for breeding; why the hear beating down on waterless dunes in the Namib Desert forces a lizard to dance; and why it snows at the Equator. It's a journey where you'll truly believe the real world is more extraordinary and awe-inspiring than any fiction!

Great White Shark

Misrepresented, maligned, and on the verge of extinction, the great white shark is an iconic predator: the creature we love to fear. Great White Shark explores the great white’s place in our imaginations, in our fears, and in the reality of its role at the top of the oceanic food chain. The film concentrates on key aggregation points around the world: Mexico, South Africa, Los Angeles, and New Zealand. Key figures in the history of shark research, people whose lives have been changed by contact with the great white, tell us of their experiences, culminating in a direct encounter between man and shark.

About the Florida Hospital IMAX® DOME Theatre

Surround yourself with 10,500 square feet of screen in Florida’s most immersive movie experience!

One documentary IMAX® film is included with MOSI general admission. Add a second film for just $4.

The Experience
The IMAX® DOME motion picture system, projects images of unsurpassed size, clarity, and impact onto a dome-shaped screen providing 10,500 square feet of visual imagery. The film is enhanced by a superb, specially-designed, six-channel, multi-speaker sound system. The IMAX® DOME image is 10 times larger than a conventional 35mm frame and three times larger than a standard 70mm frame. The sheer size of the film frame, combined with the unique projection technology, is the key to the extraordinary sharpness and clarity of an IMAX® film.

Sound is critical to the IMAX® experience. The six-channel, high fidelity motion picture sound system, with sub-bass, is manufactured by Sonics Associates Inc., a world leader in sound design. This allows every member of the audience to experience superb sound quality regardless of their seat position.

The Projector
The projector in the Florida Hospital IMAX® DOME Theatre at MOSI is the key to its superior performance and reliability and has a unique “Rolling Loop” film movement. The Rolling Loop advances the film horizontally in a smooth, wave-like motion. During projection, each frame is positioned on fixed registration pins, and the film is held firmly against the rear element of the lens by a vacuum. As a result, the picture and focus steadiness are far above normal standards.