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No digital equivalent to IMAX giant 15/70 film yet exists. The quality still leads all other projection types in all technical stats.

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IMAX Daily Schedule*



IMAX Theatre Film Prices

Standard IMAX Films (One Hour Films)

Special Engagement IMAX Films (Feature Length)



$8.95 adults

$6.75 adults

$7.95 seniors

$6.00 seniors

$6.95 children

$5.25 children




IMAX Members:

$11.95 adults

$9.00 adults

$8.00 adults

$10.95 students

$9.95 seniors

$8.25 seniors

$7.00 seniors

$8.95 children

$7.50 children

$7.00 children

Plus IMAX and Premium Members: Free



*PLEASE NOTE: Films and times are subject to change, please refer back to the web site frequently for updates. Special engagement films in the IMAX Dome Theatre sell-out fast.


To reserve a seat, purchase tickets in advance by contacting MOSI Reservations* at (813) 987-6000 or click here. *There is a $2.50 convenience fee for phone and online reservations. Prices are subject to change without notice.