BioWorks Butterfly Garden

Step into our flight encounter, as butterflies feed on nectar plants and may decide to rest on you!

Watch from outside or step into our flight encounter, as butterflies feed on nectar plants and may decide to rest on you! Look into our lab as we raise eggs and caterpillars and see their life cycles in action.

This outdoor experience is open only in acceptable weather.

The BioWorks Butterfly Garden at MOSI is a unique outdoor butterfly exhibit that focuses on butterflies native to West Central Florida. The exhibit includes:

MOSI BioWorks Butterfly GardenFlight Encounter

A free-flying butterfly enclosure where guests can encounter butterflies up close as they feed on native and Florida-Friendly nectar plants.

The Flight Encounter is open year-round at scheduled times during museum hours; guests should check their daily schedule upon arriving at MOSI for Flight Encounter times for that day. Thanks to our sponsors the Jacarlene Foundation.

BioWorks Butterfly GardenButterfly Garden

The butterfly garden directly adjacent to BioWorks contains native and Florida-Friendly nectar and host plants.

This garden provides a model for homeowners who wish to create their own butterfly gardens. The outdoor butterfly garden is open year-round during museum hours.

MOSI BioWorks Butterfly Garden exterior Engineered Marsh and Wastewater Treatment Model

Outdoor tanks clean water by providing a place for microbes, plants, and animals to thrive. The indoor marsh contains wetland plants, fish, and turtles.

Thanks to our sponsors Bank of America and the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

MOSI BioWorks Butterfly Garden animal husbandry lab caterpillarsAnimal Husbandry Lab

Unique among butterfly houses, BioWorks does not buy or import butterflies. Instead, butterflies in our exhibit are raised from eggs and caterpillars found on-site, demonstrating the entire life cycle.

Though the lab itself is not open to guests, large windows provide viewing of the lab and curator activities.

MOSI Butterfly GardenMultimedia Classroom and Viewing Area

Our air-conditioned classroom provides benches for observing the Flight Encounter through a wall of windows.

Guests can also use a microscope to look at butterflies up close, watch an informative slide-show, and pick up free brochures about butterfly gardening.

MOSI would like to thank American Meadows for its recent donation of plants. The additional plants will help us further dress our beds and possibly expand some our our planting areas. American Meadows is a leading national supplier of seeds, flower bulbs, and perennial plants.

MOSI BioWorks Butterfly Garden volunteerVolunteering with MOSI Outside

Interested in learning more about Florida gardening, or just getting your hands in the dirt? Would you like to help raise butterflies and moths in our Animal Husbandry Lab? Volunteer with MOSI Outside!

We welcome volunteers ages 16 and older to work in the Butterfly Garden and Animal Husbandry Lab. Click here for more information about volunteer duties and opportunities.

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