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Humans get a little taller in space because there is no gravity pulling down on them.

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Outreach Programs

Prepare to be WOW-ed by MOSI's fee-based programs, offered at MOSI and offsite. MOSI Outreach Programs offer exploration of Florida's scenic rivers, caves and mines. All MOSI outreach programs are aligned with Sunshine State Standards and the National Academic Standards.

For more information on Outreach Programs, please contact MOSI Reservations at (813) 987-6000 or (800) 995-6674.



 Interactive Classroom Programs

Take the field trip you always wanted without ever leaving school grounds!


Your students will be immersed in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) as they engage in innovative, exciting hands-on science experiments, demonstrations and simulations with a MOSI educator! Extended-learning opportunities in geology, chemistry, biology, robotics, and physics meeting NGSSS for students K-12. 

Created to meet the needs of schools with limited resources, scheduling and transportation concerns, MOSI outreach programs allow your students to participate in a MOSI “fieldtrip” with minimal impact to your school schedule.

MOSI outreach programs and teams are available for booking today throughout Florida on a first-come, first-served, basis. So forget about permission slips, ordering buses, approvals and your students missing out on other subject-areas.  Let us bring the MOSI experience to you!

What do MOSI Interactive Classroom Programs include?

• Up to five 45-minute sessions

• One program per day for selected grade level

• Maximum 30 students (elementary) or 25 students (secondary) per session

• All hands-on materials needed for the program

• Enthusiastic science & technology Educator that is Lunsford certified.


Program Fees: $800 per day (That's $5.71 per student when meeting the minimum count requirement of 140)

• Additional sessions can be added at $100 per hour.

• Travel fees apply for site over 30 miles roundtrip from MOSI (mileage and overnight fees when required)

• A $50 deposit is required to reserve your day

• Full payment or purchase order required at least two weeks prior to the desired program date.

• School is required to provide one classroom/location where MOSI educators will conduct interactive lessons from all day.


MOSI Interactive Classroom Program Descriptions

Breaking It Down (Grades K-12)


Have you ever wondered how the body receives energy from the food that you eat? Follow your food’s fantastic voyage through the digestive process and discover just how important that peanut butter and jelly sandwich really is! From the enzymes in saliva to the powerful acid found in the stomach, learn how the body breaks down food and obtains nutrients though hands-on experimentation and simulation. Young learners will have fun getting their hands dirty as they mix, churn, and absorb different materials just as the body would.



Dissection Detectives (Grades K-12)

Become a Dissection Detective and help our MOSI Senior Detective solve a crime! Through examination, dissection, games, and digital research, Dissection Detectives will solve mysteries involving plants and animals. Using the information they gather in the mobile lab and the clues left behind at the scene of the crime, the Dissection Detectives will work in teams to gather evidence, gain hands-on experience with the anatomy and cell structure of plants and animals, and identify the guilty culprit in one of four different mysteries.


Potions in Motion (Grades K-12)

Take matters into your own hands and explore the world around you through chemistry! Mix, smash, and stiringredients to create dazzling, fizzing, bubbling and colorful reactions. Use science tools to measure and analyze your experiments with density; states of matter; acids, bases, and salts; oxidation-reductions; and more! Grab your safety goggles and let your inner mad scientist free!


Robot Round-Up (Grades 3-12)

Feel the thrill of victory as robots perform amazing feats in this exploration of robotics and engineering! Investigate the forces behind machines to construct robotic systems, and program robots to solve team-based challenges such as playing robot sports or collecting samples for study. Experience science with new ideas in future technologies. 


Rocket Racers (Grades K-12)

Engage in the race to space while defying gravity by launching rockets into the atmosphere. Experiment with different forces to understand how they change a rocket’s velocity and trajectory. Then design a rocket into a unique shape in order to change its motion. The countdown has begun, so prepare for liftoff!  

 Rocky Road (Grades K-12)

Ease on down the Rocky Road and get your hands dirty studying fossils, rocks, and land formations! Investigate soil characteristics and minerals while learning about their importance to society, especially Florida. Examine how the sun affects the earth by engaging in activities designed to study cycles of the earth, such as: erosion, chemical and physical weathering, landforms, and layers of the earth. Dig deep into geology and discover how much our earth rocks!



For more information, including specific program activities per grade level and reservations, contact MOSI School Group Sales at: (813) 987-6330 or  




Science Theater Show


Preschool through Elementary


150 per show


$700 per day; maximum 3 shows per day


MOSI Marine Gang (Grades PK -2)
Join Captain Noah as he explores the wetlands at your school. Meet some of his friends like Sally the Shrimp and Polly the Pelican as they share how pollution can affect us all. Get tips on how to be a friend to the environment and help Drats the Pollution Monster change his ways. With Captain Noah and his life-sized gentle friends, your kids will learn to love the wetlands and the animals that make our estuaries home.


Science Assemblies


Elementary and Middle School


150 per show


Minimum 2 shows $360; additional programs $100


Ele-Mental Road Show
One of MOSI's mad scientists has escaped and is bent on proving their prowess in controlling some of the most awesome elements in science. Wielding everything from electricity to fireballs, watch an impressive display of elements in action. Learn some amazing facts about incredible concepts, all wrapped up in a hilarious and fun show that comes out to you!



StarLab - Portable Planetarium


Elementary and Middle School


30 per show


Minimum 2 shows $360; additional programs $100


Tales of the Night Sky
Can't come out at night? Let MOSI bring the night sky to you! MOSI's portable planetarium can re-create the nighttime sky complete with stars and galaxies. Discover the stories behind the stars and Greek mythology. Learn how to interpret the night sky and what's visible that evening.


Star Celebrations - Appropriate for all ages. 

1 staff with 1 telescope


capacity 60

2 staff with 2 telescopes


capacity 120

3 staff with 3 telescopes


capacity 200 

4 staff with 4 telescopes 


capacity 250 

5 staff with 5 telescopes 


capacity 350 

Telescopes To Go
Have an out-of-this-world field trip right at your school. Explore the wonders of the universe and the nighttime sky through telescopes. Have record attendance at your next PTO, PTA or school family night. Imagine a program that excites your parents as much as your students. MOSI astronomers will deliver, set up and operate the telescopes for a special SkyWatch at your location.


Field Expeditions


Grades 3 and up


45 people





Cave Exploring

Grade 3 and up                    4 hours

Immerse yourself in peculiar karst topography by journeying through mysterious underground worlds where water has carved out surreal limestone caverns. Search for stalactites, stalagmites, prehistoric invertebrate fossils, and living creatures while climbing and crawling through the cave chambers. Spelunk your way to fun and excitement as you discover the spectacular geological wonders of Florida’s vast caves. SC.E.6, SS.G



Coastal Trekkers

Grade 3 and up                    4 hours


Join MOSI biologists where you will study the rich biodiversity of Fort De Soto State Parks coastal marine ecosystem. Encounter an array of fascinating local flora and fauna such as crustaceans, fish, and plankton. As a budding field biologist, you will learn some comparative anatomy by dissecting squids and sharks, observe organisms with microscopes, collect and study marine life with seine nets, and analyze the oceans water using high-tech sensor probes. SC.E, SC.L, SS.G










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