Summer Camps – Technology and Engineering- Completed 6th – 8th Grade

Technology and Engineering Camps  |  All Day Science Camps  |  Completed Sixth through Eighth Grade

Camp Hours: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Seek out inspiration in technology camps that promote creativity, critical thinking and imagination through invention, game design, media production, and programming. Morning and afternoon extended hours available.

Nonmember: $279 | Holiday Week: $224 | 3-Day Week: $169

MOSI Member: $209 | Holiday Week: $168 | 3-Day Week: $127


3D Modeling and Design
May 30–June 2 • No Camp on Monday, May 29
Learn to create 3D characters, animation, and special effects featured in video games and movies. Use powerful 3D software including Blender and Sculptris to design moving works of art. Create realistic worlds with buildings, vehicles, and more for use in 3D games. Impress your family and friends by showing off your portfolio in a digital art show on Friday.

Minecraft Computer Coding
June 5–9
Experience Minecraft in ways you have never been able to before! Use computer programming to automate and extend your usual Minecraft activities by instructing robotic turtles to move, mine, build, and more. Code your robot to mine locations too dangerous for your character or make pixel artwork. Learn valuable information and gain programming experience while having tons of fun.

Java Game Programming
June 12–16
Unlock the incredible power of code by programming Java to create video games. Gain knowledge and experience using tools, objects, and syntax to build Java applications and games. No previous programming experience is needed to get started on learning to wield the power of programming to make exciting projects.

Minecraft Modding
June 19–23
Learn to use the powers of a Minecraft master to create your own amazing world. Design awe-inspiring buildings, use Redstone to engineer inventions and discover new worlds and abilities in Minecraft. Develop the skills for Minecraft mod development using tools like Minecraft Forge API. Be creative and design mini games and leap into quantum physics with the qCraft mod. Make Minecraft your escape to new possibilities in game design and more.

YouTube Sensations
June 19–23
Wow the world with the next “viral video” you produce and direct. Use digital cameras, editing equipment, and special effects tools to hone your video production skills. Learn to record and mix original tunes and design a video website. Explore how to livestream, video cast, and make your own “Let’s Play” videos. The choice of theme and style is up to you! Campers are not required to publish their video online.

3D Printing and Laser Building
June 26–30
Welcome to the next wave of the future! Use cutting-edge technology to design and make actual models such as animals, spaceships, and more directly from your imagination. Transform your 3D designs using Blender into realistic models along with Idea Zone’s prototyping technology, which includes 3D printing and laser cutting. Make moving inventions or artistic sculptures in this exciting camp that shows you how you can “make anything.”

Robot Hackers
July 3–7 • No camp on Tuesday, July 4
Learn how to design, build, and modify electronic circuits starting from the ground up to make robots. Ripping apart obsolete electronics, we’ll I.D. their parts to better understand how they will become vital components to our robots. Solder and create circuit boards as we explore electronics, mechanics, and reverse engineering. Discover the treasures found in junked technology.
Mobile Game Design
July 10–14
Create exciting games and apps for Android and iOS devices. Build casual style games like Plants Vs. Zombies using state of the art tools like Unity, Game Editor, or Construct 2. Start off your game-making experience by using drag and drop technology that’s easy to learn. Demonstrate your creativity through the projects you publish and share with friends!

Video Game Modding
July 17–21
Customize computer games with new maps, 3D environments, and missions. Learn to use the Unity Game Engine to create incredible games filled with your creative touches. Discover the secrets behind creating exciting gaming experiences. Work with a variety of tools to create eye-popping graphics. You’ll quickly discover why Unity is used by many professional game developers around the globe.

Minecraft Worlds 
July 24–28
Challenge yourself to building and design projects that simulate career skills used by architects and engineers every day. Explore architecture, engineering, urban planning, and more through the virtual world of Minecraft. Learn tricks used by AAA game developers. Build your way through architectural marvels like the Egyptian Sphinx and Wonders of the World.

Competitive Video Gaming
July 31–August 4
Gaming as a serious sport is sweeping the globe, and it’s time to hone your skills. Develop the tactics and strategies used by professional gamers in some of the most competitive and popular PC and console games. Play a variety of games such as Halo, StarCraft, Dota / League of Legends, and Rocket League in challenging individual and team tournaments each day.

Minecraft Mayhem and 3D Thrills
August 7–9 (3-day camp)
Welcome to the world of blocky 3D design! Build with LEGO and other 3D pieces in the real and virtual world. Create, destroy, and have fun in the exciting 3D world of Minecraft, both a game and a global phenomenon. Form fantastic structures and learn to create artwork in a variety of game modes including multiplayer with friends.