Summer Camps – Technology and Engineering – Completed 4th or 5th Grade

Technology and Engineering Camps  |  All Day Science Camps  |  Completed Fourth or Fifth Grade

Camp Hours: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Seek out inspiration in technology camps that promote creativity, critical thinking, and imagination through invention, game design, media production, and programming. Morning and afternoon extended hours available.

Nonmember: $279 | Holiday Week: $224 | 3-Day Week: $169

MOSI Member: $209 | Holiday Week: $168 | 3-Day Week: $127


Robot Build-Off
May 30–June 2 • No camp on Monday, May 29
Build robots to complete a series of challenges, run obstacle courses, navigate through mazes, and compete against others with battling bots. Whether you build LEGO robots or build your bot from scratch, discover the thrill of your robot competing on the sports field and arena. Learn programming and engineering skills on your way to victory.

Computer Game Designers
June 5–9
Tap into your imagination to create role playing adventures like Pokémon and Final Fantasy. You’ll learn how to design RPG games by creating entire worlds, characters, and challenging quests. Treat the players of your game to exciting stories featuring powerful challenges. Use different photo-editing and design applications like Adobe Photoshop to create artwork and a poster for your game.

Strategy Fun and Games
June 12–16
Chess, puzzles, and even video games are tons of fun, but did you know you can get smarter by playing them? Design 3D puzzles for Portal 2 and challenge your friends to solve them. Compete in a video game tournament of Just Dance and other action video games. Play in a robot hide-and-seek match with your team. Improve your skills on games you already know and try your hand at new ones. Are you game?

Minecraft Engineers
June 12–16
Dig into the blocky world of Minecraft! Build with LEGO and other 3D pieces in the real and virtual world. Come up with clever solutions to engineering challenges. Create, destroy, and have fun while building crazy contraptions! Form fantastic structures and learn to create artwork in a variety of game modes including multiplayer with friends.

Python Game Programming
June 19–23
Level-up your programming skills by making fun games, simulations, and applications that will impress your friends. Gain experience with Python, a text-based coding language that closely resembles English. Some programming experience, like our Code Lab 101 camp, is recommended but not required.

Jr. Minecraft Worlds 
June 26–30
Explore architecture, engineering, urban planning, and more through the virtual world of Minecraft. Challenge yourself to building and design projects that simulate career skills used by architects and engineers every day. Learn tricks used by AAA game developers for laying out the map in your own gaming worlds. Build your way through architectural marvels like the Egyptian Sphinx and Wonders of the World.

Online Artists
July 3–7 • No class on Tuesday, July 4
Learn amazing skills like animation, music making, and video production to help you create your very own website. Use YouTube for video editing and posting, and discover how to make your own music — all online! Whether you want to make a funny website or one about your favorite animals, you’ll be able to make an awesome site that’s exciting and cool to show off to the world.

Jr. Minecraft Modding
July 10–14
Learn to wield the powers of a Minecraft master to create your own amazing world. Design awe-inspiring buildings, use Redstone to engineer inventions, and discover new worlds and abilities in Minecraft. Develop the skills for Minecraft mod development using tools like Minecraft Forge API. Be creative and design mini games and leap into quantum physics with the qCraft mod. Make Minecraft your escape to new possibilities in game design and more.

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away
July 17–21
Take part in the movie phenomenon of Star Wars by making your own Star Wars episode. Learn how to battle with lightsabers from a choreographer as well as learn how to direct, act, or operate a camera to create movie magic. Use special effects to give you special powers and build movie props and sets like droids and spaceships. End the week with a movie premiere for your family and friends.

Minecraft Contraptions
July 24–28
Use Redstone components and structures to add awesome levels of excitement to your Minecraft creations that will amaze and amuse. Learn how to create virtual circuits and mechanisms to do just about anything you can imagine. Combine creativity and sneakiness to build automatic devices such as TNT cannons, self-healing buildings, and other Minecraft mysteries and secrets.

Jr. Video Game Modding
July 31–August 4
Customize computer games with new maps, 3D environments, and missions. Learn to use Unity to create incredible games filled with your creative touches. Discover the secrets behind creating exciting gaming experiences. Work with a variety of tools to create eye-popping graphics. You’ll quickly discover why Unity is used by professional game developers around the globe.

Minecraft Mayhem and 3D Thrills
August 7–9 (3-day camp)
Welcome to the world of blocky 3D design! Build with LEGO and other 3D pieces in the real and virtual world. Create, destroy, and have fun in the exciting 3D world of Minecraft, both a game and a global phenomenon. Form fantastic structures and learn to create artwork in a variety of game modes including multiplayer with friends.