Summer Camps – STEAM Career Camps – Completed 6th–9th Grade

Week 1-10  |  STEAM Career Camps |  All Day Science Camps  |  Completed Sixth through Ninth Grade

Camp Hours: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

MOSI’s STEAM Career Camps let you explore careers that use science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) skills through active, project-based experiences with the support of field experts. Through real-world experiences in a fun, thought-provoking environment, you’ll make discoveries about STEAM fields along with discoveries about your own interests.

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MOSI Member: $250


Counselor in Training
May 30–June 2 • No camp on Monday, May 29
Do you love working with children? Are you interested in the education field? Are you looking to complete a lot of volunteer service hours, all while having fun? Then this is the camp for you! MOSI’s professional museum educators will mentor you, providing expert advice and guidance to prepare future camp counselors, babysitters, and teachers. Assist in passing on the passion of science to younger campers and watch their curiosity catch fire. Gain experience leading kids and learn to create a safe and enthusiastic environment in which our engaged campers can explore their creativity and reach their full potential. Support the instructors in delivering exciting curriculum in a wide range of STEAM subjects. Assist in leading campers in hands-on activities and help them handle project material and tasks safely, as well as provide individualized attention.

Program includes:
● Certification in First Aid and CPR.
● Gaining in-depth training and valuable skills in teaching methodology and instruction delivery with a variety of excited campers from Pre-K to 8th grade.
● After successful completion of the program, 13 and 14-year-olds may be placed as volunteers in the remainder of MOSI Summer Science Camps, earning up to, or exceeding, 240 volunteer hours or more toward high school graduation and/or college scholarship.

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Slice of Raspberry Pi
June 5–9
Energize your invention skills with the mobile technology of Raspberry Pi through a world of imaginative applications. Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that’s one of the best things since actual pie. Create high tech gadgetry such as a gaming console, a music jukebox, or a roving robot by combining your Raspberry Pi with electronics and software. Learn to code with Python to create games or transform the Pi into a Minecraft server. Take part in the exploration of computer science and electrical engineering as we look into the future with the help of visiting experts.

Program includes:
● Your own Raspberry Pi to take home at the end of the week to continue your high tech journey.
● Building spy tech projects to distort your voice, detect intruders, or search for clues as a surveillance webcam.
● Applying the Raspberry Pi’s video, sound, and computing power to stage a multimedia art and video game showcase.

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Materials Matter
June 12–16
What do you get when you cross metallurgy, physics, chemistry, civil engineering, and mechanical design? Materials Science – explore the materials used to make stuff stronger, lighter, and just plain better. You’ll see science transformed into technology through engineering by, having a contest to create the strongest cement and concocting elastic polymers. Join us in the lab during a fast-paced week of learning and fun! This camp is offered in partnership with the ASM Materials Education Foundation.

Program includes:
● Exploring nanotechnology to see how science on a tiny scale affects our world greatly.
● Creating and testing materials of your own design.
● Investigating 3D printing technology.

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MOSI MD — Life Examined
June 19–23
Interested in exploring career options in the fields of health and medicine, but not quite sure what area you might enjoy and excel in the most? Then this awesome, but not for the faint of heart, camp is for you! We will explore several aspects within a variety of health and medical disciplines from first responders to heart surgeons. Participate in immersive hands-on activities such as performing mammal heart and brain dissections, suturing up patients, making an emergency triage, or investigating a mysterious fatal outbreak that is sweeping the nation. You will learn about surgical procedures, anatomy and physiology, risk factors, advanced scientific research, and much more. This camp will give you a foundation of knowledge that will be vital to your success in the medical profession.

Program includes:
● In-depth comparative anatomy through vertebrate and invertebrate dissections.
● Using advanced Vernier software and technology, you will learn about the physiology of various human organ systems by measuring the activity of your upper respiratory tract, lungs, heart, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system.
● Meeting other accomplished medical professionals in a variety of health care fields, including surgery.

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Robot Engineers
June 26–30
Robots are a major part of life, from manufacturing to biomedical engineering. From drones to animatronics, robotics are one of the most pervasive aspects of today’s society. Dabble in mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering by learning how to increase your robot’s torque, wire an electrical motor, and program a robot. Participate in several robot challenges to tweak and redesign your creations to be as efficient as possible. End the week with an ultimate Battling-Bot challenge where you may be crowned The Bot Champion if you have engineered the supreme Battle-Bot.

Program includes:
● Designing and programing robots to compete in a variety of challenges using LEGO MINDSTORMS and TETRIX.
● Building and testing electronic projects on a breadboard.
● Learning the process of iterative design used by engineers every day.

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Arduino Hackers
July 3–7 • No class on Tuesday, July 4
Build fun inventions using Arduino electronics. Use the design process to think up an invention and then make your idea a reality. Build custom video game controllers, create an Xbox Kinect controlled robot that moves by your command, or make an electronic musical instrument — all with the power of Arduino!

Program Includes:
● Your own personal Arduino to work with and keep after camp.
● Using your personal Arduino to sense its environment by receiving inputs from many sensors and sending signals for controlling lights, motors, and other actuators.
● Meeting professional inventors and engineers as you learn the skills to be a maker and tinkerer.

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MOSI Iron Chef
July 10–14
Do you have what it takes to be the next MOSI Iron Chef? Find out in this exciting camp where you will be challenged to create culinary masterpieces featuring a “secret ingredient.” Master basic kitchen skills, discover how to put your own twist on recipes, and find out how to make tasty creations under pressure from professional chefs. Make a variety of tasty treats from appetizers to desserts. Learn new ways to make cooking even more fun and unique by experimenting with foams, flames, and other science tricks. Explore the world through the cuisine and cooking techniques from other cultures. Enjoy a delicious week becoming the ultimate gourmet connoisseur.

Program includes:
● Food to create appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts utilizing a variety of techniques, ingredients, and creativity.
● Experimenting with food science techniques designed to enhance flavor and nutrition.
● Taking on Gourmet cooking challenges throughout the week.

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Mission: Alien Earth
July 17–21
You have been recruited to explore an Earth-like planet located outside our Solar System. Practice skydiving to the surface by floating in a vertical wind tunnel. Challenge yourself and your team to a ropes course and extraterrestrial wilderness survival challenge using teamwork, problem solving, and creative thinking. Deploy a base of operations and work with exploration vehicles and robotics. Operate sophisticated telescopes and computer simulations to learn the astrophysics and exobiology needed for your trek.

Program Includes:
● Field trip to I-Fly in Tampa to simulate zero gravity with indoor skydiving.
● Adventures on the Sky Trail® Ropes Course.
● Working with others to maneuver and solve team building challenges.

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Underwater Explorers
July 24–28
Dive right into the adventures of the incredibly rich underwater world! This camp will introduce you to the amazing world of aquatic science in an exciting, inquiry-based environment. Research comparative anatomy by dissecting a shark and squid. Conduct scientific lab experiments in aquatic chemistry and biology. Explore the flora and fauna of marine inhabitants at Casey Key Beach. Collect and then examine aquatic micro- and macroinvertebrates under high-powered microscopes. Experience the technology and scientific techniques used to explore the ocean floor.

Program includes:
● Field trip to Casey Key Beach to collect fossil shark teeth and study the adaptations of sharks.
● In-depth comparative anatomy through dissections of marine and freshwater vertebrate and invertebrate specimens.
● Using advanced Vernier software and technology to test the chemistry of water by studying its pH, total dissolved solids, dissolved oxygen, flow rate, turbidity, nitrates, and phosphates.

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Anime Academy
July 31–August 4
Japan is now a major exporter of cutting-edge pop culture throughout the world. How are Japan’s art, gadgets, games, and animated cartoons influencing our own culture? Explore Japanese history and culture through literature, movies, art, and food. Conduct research to examine this unique culture by looking at robotics, sushi, and the obsession with kawaii (cuteness). Uncover the history of cosplay and learn special costuming and makeup tricks. Experience Japanese culture first-hand and have some fun.

Program includes:
● Field trip to Metrocon in Tampa, Florida’s largest Japanese anime convention.
● Writing and drawing your own manga using specialized design software.
● Learning the Japanese culinary art of making sushi and exploring its global popularity.

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