Summer Camps – Completed Third Grade

All Day Science Camps  |  Completed Third Grade

Camp Hours: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

From being an astronaut to getting zapped, we have your super summer ready! Morning and afternoon extended hours available.

Nonmember: $279 | Holiday Week: $224 | 3-Day Week: $169

MOSI Member: $209 | Holiday Week: $168 | 3-Day Week: $127


Wild Child
May 30–June 2 • No class on Monday, May 29
Get into the wild! Could you survive without power, shelter, grocery stores, and electronics? Spend a week sharpening your survival skills and purify water, identify plants for food, make your own tools, build a shelter, and make a fire starter. Play survival games and develop your hunting skills. You’ll have so much fun you won’t even miss your cell phone. Only the strongest survive!

Too Cool for Camp
June 5–9
It may be hot outside but you’ll be chilling out in the lab ! Explore everything frozen in this super cool camp! Conduct cool science experiments with dry ice that bubble, smoke, and glow. Make delicious frozen treats like liquid nitrogen ice cream, popsicles, and slushies!

Junkyard Astronauts
June 12–16
Build and launch high-flying rockets using everyday materials and junk lying around the house. Experiment with a variety of propulsion systems including solid chemical fuel and air pressure. Show off your creativity during daily space challenges to launch objects sky high!

Ancient Survival Secrets
June 19–23
Uncover the techniques used by ancient cultures to survive. Train with boomerangs, yo-yos, and blow darts using the skills of early hunters. Learn to build traps and gather food and water in the wild. End the week in an archery competition to win the Golden Arrow.

Percy Jackson
June 26–30
Explore a different book and movie each day of camp. Create movie-type special effects, learn about the Greek and Roman gods, create our own mythologies, and explore the science of ancient times. Compete in a series of challenges similar to Greek heroes using simple machines.

Ace Detectives
July 3–7 • No Camp on Tuesday, July 4
A crime was committed and it’s up to you and the rest of your detective team to solve the caper. Analyze evidence from the crime scene such as hair, fingerprints, ink stains, and footprints. Figure out different mysteries each day to be the ultimate crime fighter.

Jaw-some Sharks!
July 10–14
Dive into the depths of science to better understand one of nature’s most feared creatures, the shark. Dissect a real shark to learn about their anatomy, diet, and what makes them so amazing. Get a hands-on look at other sea monsters like squid and eels.

Top Secret Formulas 
July 17–21
Have you ever wanted to know how toothpaste, glow sticks, and your favorite foods are made? Crack the safe to discover the secret formulas behind what you buy at the store. Run experiments using ingredients to whip up fun and tasty treats. Use your imagination to dream up and make products that you can sell.

Spooky Science
July 24–28
Halloween arrives early in this spooky special effects camp. Experiment with sound effects such as thunder and lightning. Learn how to apply scars, bruises, and other makeup effects. Work with your friends to create your own “haunted house” to show on Friday.

Wizard’s Workshop
July 31–August 4
Unlock the secrets of the world of wizardry in this Harry Potter festival of science magic. Create potions, study owls and other curious creatures, and navigate the constellations of the night sky. Practice crafting illusions and magical trickery for Friday’s show for family, friends, and goblins.

Summer Science Bash
August 7–9 (3-day camp)
Summer fun is packed into this last three-day week of camp! Try out cool hands-on science experiments. Every day is full of fun, games, and adventure that you think up!