Summer Camps – Completed Second Grade

All Day Science Camps  |  Completed Kindergarten Second Grade

Camp Hours: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Explore a galaxy of fun this summer at MOSI. Prepare for launch into space or another awesome topic! Morning and afternoon extended hours available.

Nonmember: $279

MOSI Member: $209


Fizz, Bang, Boom!
May 30–June 2 • No class on Monday, May 29
Combine chemicals to make them react with fire, cold, light, and loud bangs. Experiment with common, everyday materials for fun and excitement. Tap into the power of chemistry to create firework effects and colorful changes.

Star Wars Science
June 5–9
Celebrate Star Wars by looking at the science and technology behind the screen. Try out lasers and explore the reality of lightsabers. Explore space in The Saunders Planetarium to understand how you can fly through hyperspace and search for aliens.

Crash Test
June 12–16
What happens when an apple falls? Science happens! Build and race cars, drop watermelons, and build a rocket-powered sled for a smashing good time! Experiment with the Laws of Motion and build exciting inventions in this free-falling free-for-all of fun.

Don’t Try this at Home
June 19–23
Explode hot dogs in the microwave and slide down a Jell-O covered slide. Venture into the silly side of science, whereyou’ve always wanted to go but were never allowed. Stick your hands into wet concrete and drench your friends in soda in this fun, but messy, camp.

Candy Chemistry
June 26–30
Feed your sweet tooth and your brain as you cook up delicious goodies with science. Experiment with sugar and chocolate to make fudge. Make edible windows for a gingerbread house you build. Invent your own candy bar with a cool name and wrapper.

Soda Bottle Scientists
July 3–7 • No class on Tuesday, July 4th
Don’t throw that soda bottle out, use it for awesome science experiments instead! Build a rocket that shoots high in the sky! Create your own colorful tornado! Cause a bottle to erupt into a foamy mess! Build a mini terrarium you can take home! Who knew plastic bottles could be so much fun?

July 10–14
Attention scientists and engineers, Optimus Prime needs your help! He is putting together a team of Autobots to defeat the evil Megatron and the Decepticons. Use the secrets of the Allspark to create robots that will move and compete against each other. Train your robots to fight as a team so that the evil Decepticons don’t win and we save the earth.

Adventures at Hogwarts
July 17–21
Fans of Harry Potter, enroll in the most magical school in the land. Mix up an assortment of odd “potions.” Use illusion and science to levitate and make things disappear. Explore the history of dragons and other mythical beasts. Lead your team in a Quidditch tournament and show off your wizardry skills at graduation!

Gross Out
July 24–28
What’s grosser than gross? What happens to the food that we eat? Explore the science behind the smells and gunk that keeps us living! What do boogers trap and why do we fart? Find out these and other disgusting secret facts about what your body does to stay alive!

Kids Versus Wild
July 31–August 4
Go on an expedition with your team to find hidden treasures and play outdoor games. Using ropes, shovels, and other survival gear, you’ll figure out how to build shelters, track animals in the wild, and find your way. Earn prizes each day as you and your team work together on adventures.

Summer Science Bash
August 7–9 (3-day camp)
Summer fun is packed into this last three-day week of camp! Try out cool hands-on science experiments. Every day is full of fun, games, and adventure that you think up!