Summer Camps – Completed 6th – 8th Grade

All Day Science Camps  |  Completed Sixth through Eighth Grade

Camp Hours: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Discover new worlds of possibilities through immersive experiences and scientific investigation. Morning and afternoon extended care hours available.

Nonmember: $279 | Holiday Week: $224 | 3-Day Week: $169

MOSI Member: $209 | Holiday Week: $168 | 3-Day Week: $127


Strange Stuff
May 30–June 2, • No camp on Monday, May 29
Delve into the strange stuff of science that piques the curiosity and challenges the scientist in all of us. Experiment with purple liquids that change from blue to pink to green, or create a marvelous lava lamp with layered liquids. Contend with electricity, motors, magnets, smoke bombs, and cool chemistry. Explore strange, bizarre, and weird science phenomena along with impressive science ideas like the Laws of Motion, properties of matter, nanotechnology, and endothermic and exothermic reactions.
Crime Scene Investigators
June 5–9
A crime was committed and it’s up to you to search the scene for the critical evidence that will put the criminal behind bars. Train to gather and analyze your evidence in the lab with actual tools used by forensic scientists including DNA fingerprinting equipment. Meet with criminal experts to learn from their experiences using science to solve crimes.

Motion Adventures
June 12–16
Engineer your own success story. Explore the forces of the atmosphere and test your luck as you secure a “passenger” to a self-designed parachute. Discover its rate of descent and ascend to greater heights by launching your own hot air balloon and building your own catapult.

Alien Arrivals 
June 19–23
Do you like Klingons, Borg, Vulcans, Wookies, and other alien species? Create your own alien culture, from fashions to language. Construct an alien life form and explain where they are from, their culture, and whether they are a peaceful species or ready for battle. Design a story that would explain how they got to earth and how they made first contact with humans.

Secret Missions
June 26–30
Search for hidden treasures during a fun-filled week of simulations, building challenges, and imaginative games. Use math and science to save the day in flight simulation missions, build a spy drone to take pictures from thousands of feet in the air, and track “wildlife” with technology. Work with teammates to solve exciting mysteries.

Hunger Games: The Camp
July 3–7 • No Camp on Tuesday, July 4
Tribute! You have been selected to represent your district in The Hunger Games camp experience. Inspired by The Hunger Games novels and movies, this camp will teach you everything from strategy to outdoor survival. Learn archery and practice with targets; explore ways to survive in the MOSI Back Woods. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Explosive Reactions
July 10–14
Do you ever wonder if there’s more to chemistry than baking soda and vinegar volcanoes? Do you get a rush from watching special effects explosions on TV or in the movies? Well, BOOM! Create awesome smoke bombs and fireworks that you can set off safely. Learn what triggers these reactions in hands-on experiments. Experiment with powerful solids and extremely cold liquids to understand the power of chemical materials.

Physics… If You Dare!
July 17–21
Explore the physical world around you . Discover how physics can give you super strength. Climb across ropes three stories above the ground and zip through the air. Experiment with the physics of breaking boards and lying on a bed of nails. Realize how to use physics in everyday life to accomplish superhuman activities. Harness the forces of physics to amaze your friends and family!

Shaping the Future
July 24–28
Can you imagine the future? Twenty years from now, what do you think the world will look like? Are there vehicles with the ability to fly? Does facial recognition replace the need for credit/debit cards when you purchase items from the store? In this camp, you will get the chance to design the future that you foresee using your creativity. Design autonomous vehicles that will keep riders safe during long journeys. Devise a way to keep victims safe after traumatic injury. Learn about other futuristic technologies, and then use this knowledge to build prototypes for the world of tomorrow. Are you up for it?

Pokémon Extreme
July 31–August 4
If you like Pokémon, I mean really like Pokémon (Pokémon GO, Pokémon Card Game, Pokémon video games, etc., etc.) then this camp is for you! This camp is all things Pokémon! Journey into MOSI’s Back Woods and capture as many Pokémon creatures as you can while playing Pokémon GO. Enjoy card battles with your friends as you strive for Pokémon supremacy. Yes, even your Nintendo DS can come to camp as you challenge your friends to see who the best player will be at the end of the week. This camp will show who really knows their stuff when it comes to Pokémon. Are you ready for it? Note: We do ask that there is no trading of cards or video games during camp at any time.

Summer Science Bash
August 7–9 (3-day camp)
Summer fun is packed into this last three-day week of camp! Try out cool hands-on science experiments. Every day is full of fun, games, and adventure that you think up!