Summer Camps – Age 2 or 3

2–Day Science Camps

It’s never too early to make a fun and exciting impression on your little scientists. An adult is required to stay with the toddler in these 2-day camps. For camps with two options, choose which pair of days is best for you: Monday and Wednesday camp or Tuesday and Thursday camp. We respectfully request that additional siblings and family members not attend.

Class Hours: 10:00 a.m.–10:45 a.m.

Nonmember: $15

MOSI Member: $12


Bubble and Squish!
Tue & Thu May 30 & June 1
Try making a square bubble, have fun blowing colorful bubbles, and make a bubble wrap painting in this squeaky clean (but messy) class!

Dance with the Dinosaurs
Mon & Wed June 5 & 7 or Tue & Thu June 6 & 8
What did dinosaurs eat? What did they look like? And how do we know anything about these prehistoric creatures that roamed the earth before humans? Find out in this fun-filled look at dinosaurs!

Mixing it Up!
Mon & Wed June 12 & 14 or Tue & Thu June 13 & 15
See what happens when we mix things together in this class where you can mix your own concoctions, play with a freshly made batch of Play-Doh, and experiment with color mixing!

Fun with Forces
Mon & Wed June 19 & 21 or Tue & Thu June 20 & 22
What makes things fall down? What is friction? Explore magnetic attraction, experiment with gravity and motion, and play on an obstacle course in this class that keeps you moving!

Butterfly Blast
Mon & Wed June 26 & 28 or Tue & Thu June 27 & 29
Find out about the differences between bugs and butterflies as you learn about the life cycle of butterflies, take a special tour of the butterfly garden, and bring home a caterpillar to hatch!

Mad about the Moon!
Mon & Wed July 3 & 5
Visit The Saunders Planetarium for a special show, make craters on your own moon, and discover how the moon changes in this out-of-this-world class about the moon and stars!

Frozen Fun
Mon & Wed July 10 & 12 or Tue & Thu July 11 & 13
Learn about how animals stay warm in freezing temperatures, experiment with ice, and make a snowman in this cool session! Come feel some snow and make an ice painting as we chill out!

From Seeds to Plants
Mon & Wed July 17 & 19 or Tue & Thu July 18 & 20
Examine the many kinds of seeds in the world and plant some of your own as we look inside plants and learn how to make them grow!

Bees & Bugs
Mon & Wed July 24 & 26 or Tue & Thu July 25 & 27
Learn what makes creatures “buggy” in this fun class that examines the world of bees and insects!

Puppet Circus
Mon & Wed July 31 & August 2 or Tue & Thu August 1 & 3
Learn how to make dancing shadow puppets. Put on a show with a sock puppet friend that you create. What will your puppet be? Will your sock puppet be a silly goose or a brave mouse?